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Final Fantasy VII Trivia

There is a song by the band Gorillaz where Damon Albarn specifically sings about Mako eyes - Stylo featuring Bobby Womack and Mos Def.

I sometimes wonder whether secretly the band Gorillaz has the same members as the band Blur; as 2-D reminds me of Damon Albarn, Murdoch reminds me of Alex James, and the other 2 members remind me of Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree...

In the ending credits to the original FFVII, it mentions the game's story being based on a graphic novel.

If you watch the ending credits of the original to the conclusion, there is a short sequence afterwards showing Midgar 600 years later.

"Sefirot", "Midgard" and "Nifelheim" are all significant concepts in Norse mythology.

When you first pick up the materia in the cave on Round Island, it is called "Knights of the Round". But if you look at it in the menu, it is called "Knights of Round". It is a bit similar with the Aegis Amulet/Aegis Armlet.

Maybe they should really call it "Knights of the Round Table", but if you think about it, the knights kind of go "around" in the Summon.............

Nonetheless, the final and 13th part of Knights of (the) Round is definitely King Arthur. You can maybe see Merlin and Lancelot in there too.

Merlin was reputed to have a staff made of Lignum Vitae wood. Legend has it that Lignum Vitae is a magical healing wood. I'm not sure about that, but I do know that genuine Lignum Vitae is highly unusual in that it sinks rather than floating in water.

It is possible that Lignum Vitae's chemical and/or biological properties make it a good healer; but if it really is that good at healing, why isn't it used more in medicine?

Merlin is pretty similar to Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, or Dumbledore in Harry Potter...

I guess in FFVII, Merlin is most similar to either Bugenhagen or Aeris?

Baphomet and Ifrit belong in Islam. Shiva is a Hindu god. The Titans were the original Ancient Greek gods. Odin is the chief god in Norse mythology.

I would have thought it would be "Typhoon" (as in the natural disaster); but in fact in the game it is either "Typoon" or "Typhon"... however this still relates to typhoons - Typhon was a significant figure in Ancient Greek mythology, believed to be the father of strong winds; this is where the word "Typhoon" originates. Thank you to a YouTube fan who pointed this out to me!

The element [Gravity] seems to relate to the concept of electromagnetic half-life. But gravity and electromagnetism are 2 different Fundamental Forces in Physics.



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