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Final Fantasy VII Status Effect Explanations

Death - Affected party member/opponent has HP at 0. Sudden Death is a somewhat different concept; it can instantly KO a party member or enemy. A Safety Bit accessory can prevent Sudden Death; so can the Death Force Enemy Skill; so can Destruct - Added Effect Materia in armor. If every party member is petrified or KOd, there will be a Game Over.

Near-death - Affected party member/opponent's HP is at 25% or lower (but higher than 0 HP).

Sleep - Affected party member/opponent cannot perform any action until woken up. It can be defended against with the Headband accessory, a Ribbon accessory, Resist Magic (from Heal Materia), or Seal - Added Effect Materia in armor.

Poison - Affected party member/enemy continuously loses HP. Can be protected against by using the Resist spell; or by equipping any accessory out of a Ribbon, Poison Ring, Star Pendant or Fairy Ring; or by linking Poison - Added Effect or Hades - Added Effect in a character's armor.

Sadness - Limit Break gauge fills up slower. The Resist spell grants immunity; or a Peace Ring or Ribbon accessory. Sadness doesn't automatically disappear at the end of battle; you can use a Hyper Item to heal it.

Fury - Limit Break gauge fills up faster, but accuracy of attacks is reduced. Fury can be prevented with a Peace Ring or Ribbon accessory; or the Resist spell. Again, Fury stays on after the end of battle; use a Tranquilizer Item to remove it.

Confusion - Affected party member/opponent will randomly attack enemies or allies. Resist Magic protects against confusion. A Peace Ring accessory also defends against it, or a Ribbon; or Mystify - Added Effect in armor.

Silence - Affected party member/enemy is rendered incapable of using any Magic (including Summons and Enemy Skills). Defend against it with the Resist spell; a Ribbon accessory; or Seal - Added Effect Materia in armor.

Haste - Time gauge fills up faster.

Slow - Time gauge fills up slower. Protect against it with Time - Added Effect in armor.

Stop - Time gauge temporarily doesn't fill at all, rendering affected party member/enemy incapable of any action. Link either Contain, Time or Choco-Mog Materia to Added Effect Materia in armor to defend against it.

Frog - Affected party member/opponent can only use the Attack and Item commands, as well as the spell Toad if available. Party member's damage output is also reduced. Resist Magic provides protection; a White Cape or Ribbon accessory also protect against Frog; or put Transform - Added Effect or Hades - Added Effect in armor.

Small - Affected party member/foe only deals 1 HP damage with physical attacks (other forms of damage dealing aren't affected). Protect against it with Resist Magic; or a White Cape accessory, a Ribbon accessory; or Transform - Added Effect in armor.

Slow-numb - A countdown begins, after 60 seconds Petrify occurs. Use a Ribbon, Safety Bit or Jem Ring accessory to defend. You can also use Resist Magic. If every party member is petrified or knocked out, there will be a Game Over.

Petrify - Party member/opponent rendered incapable of any action. If every party member is petrified or knocked out, there will be a Game Over. You can use Resist Magic; or use a Jem Ring, Safety Bit or Ribbon accessory to become immune.

Regen - HP continuously refills for a period of time.

Barrier - halves physical damage taken.

MBarrier - halves magical damage taken (also affects curative spells, e.g. if Cure is used it will only restore half as much HP as if MBarrier were not in place).

Reflect - Affected party member or enemy will have any Magic cast on them bounce off up to 4 times.

Shield - Very powerful defence against damage.

Death-sentence - A countdown begins, after 60 seconds Sudden Death occurs on affected party member/enemy. If every party member is petrified or knocked out, there will be a Game Over. Defend against it with Resist Magic, or a Safety Bit accessory.

Manipulate - Affected enemy's actions become controllable by party member.

Berserk - Affected party member/enemy attacks with every turn, incapable of any action other than attacking. Defend against it with a Peace Ring or Ribbon accessory, or Mystify - Added Effect Materia in armor. Alternatively use Resist Magic.

Peerless - Temporary immunity from any damage; can only be granted by either one of 2 of Aeris' Limit Breaks - Planet Protector or Great Gospel.

Paralyzed - Temporary inability to perform any action; to prevent, use a Jem Ring accessory or a Ribbon; or alternatively use the Resist spell.

Darkness - Temporary inability to see properly, high chance of missing when attacking. Can be protected against using a Silver Glasses accessory, a Fairy Ring accessory, a Ribbon accessory; or the spell Resist.



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