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Final Fantasy VII Materia Selling Guide

You can make large amounts of Gil in FFVII by selling on certain Materia that you have mastered. The selling values vary from Materia to Materia, but you can earn over a million Gil just by selling one of the right type! To master a Materia, you must accumulate enough AP to raise it to the maximum number of stars (visible in the Materia sub-menu).

Master Materia Easily

You can master Materia faster by using weapons and armor that have "Double" or "Triple" growth rates rather than "Normal". To level up Materia as quickly as possible, you will want to go Inside Northern Cave in Part 3/Disc 3 of the game. Follow the left path at the point where your party splits, and then take the up path. Here you encounter Magic Pots; Magic Pots will always demand Elixirs, so be prepared. You will want to use the "W-Item Cheat". Each Magic Pot you defeat will earn you 1000 AP. In the same area of the Northern Cave, you can encounter Movers. They always appear in a group of 3, and defeating all 3 will earn you 2400 AP.

Here's where it starts getting tricky. If you're good at math, read on. Otherwise, skip to the list below. Equip Cloud with the triple growth, 3 Materia slot Apocalypse sword. 3 (triple growth) multiplied by 3 (number of Materia slots) gives an efficiency of 9. Cid's Scimitar is interesting, as it also has triple growth, but in this case 3 (triple growth) multiplied by 2 (number of Materia slots on the Scimitar) only gives you an efficiency of 6. Let's consider 1 (normal growth) multiplied by 8 (number of Materia slots) - e.g. the Wizard Bracelet; or 2 (double growth) multiplied by 4 (number of Materia slots) - e.g. the Rising Sun. Either of these 2 gives an efficiency of 8. An excellent option is Cid’s 5 Materia slots double growth weapon, the Javelin, which gives the highest efficiency: 2 (double growth) multiplied by 5 (number of Materia slots); 10. But let's say there were only 5 different Materia you were interested in levelling up - in that case it would make most sense to equip the Apocalypse and the Scimitar, and get triple growth on each of those Materia.

Best Equipment for Levelling Materia

  1. Javelin (Cid)
  2. Apocalypse (Cloud)
  3. Rising Sun (Yuffie)/Viper Halberd (Cid)
  4. Rune Armlet (armor)
  5. Scimitar (Cid)

Here you can find complete weapon lists and here you can find an armor list.

AP Required for Master Levels and Prices for Selling Mastered Materia

Magic Materia


Command Materia


Summon Materia

I have not provided an extensive list in the case of Summon Materia as they all sell for just 1 Gil at mastered level.


Support Materia

"All" Materia sells for the joint highest amount of any mastered Materia (1400000 Gil), and is the fastest to raise (requires the least AP) to mastered for a Materia that sells for that amount. As such, it is effectively the Materia of choice to level up when raising Gil.

Every other Support materia only sells for 1 Gil at mastered level.


Independent Materia




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