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Final Fantasy VII Junon Parade Guide

N.B. This is a guide to the original FFVII.

When you first visit Junon, there are 2 "mini-games" which can earn you different rewards, depending on how well you perform.

After disguising as a Shinra MP, you can take part in the Shinra March. How well you do affects the television ratings. Ratings of 0-29% earns you a Grenade. 30-39% earns you 6 Potions. 40-49% earns you 6 Ethers, while 50% or higher earns you 5000 Gil. Personally I find this very difficult.

Subsequently, during President Rufus' send-off, you can earn the following: 0-50 points earns you a Silver Glasses accessory, 60-90 points earns you a HP Plus Materia, and 100 points or more earns you the Force Stealer sword. To earn high points, press the correct buttons to do the correct poses in sync with your fellow soldiers. Personally I find this very easy.



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