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Final Fantasy VII Enemy Skills

N.B. This is a guide to the original FFVII.

Enemy Skill Guide

Enemy Skill Materia can be found in the Shinra Building, Junon Beginner's Hall, Forgotten Capital, and in the Chocobo Sage's house (talk to the green Chocobo).

To learn an Enemy Skill, equip an Enemy Skill Materia to one of your party members. In battle, an enemy must use the skill on your party member in order for the Materia to "learn" it. Then any party member equipped with that particular Materia, can use that Enemy Skill.

N.B. Some Enemy Skills, particularly defensive ones like Big Guard, require manipulating the enemy in order to have them use the skill on your party member(s). Use the "Manipulate" Command; the "Hypnocrown" accessory can also be useful. It should also be noted that you can't use an Enemy Skill on an ally in order to have them learn it.

N.B. Be careful with Trine, as this is the one Enemy Skill that is missable. You may want to save the Pagoda battle against Godo in Wutai until you are fully prepared, i.e. until you have all 4 Enemy Skill Materia including the one from the Chocobo Sage's green Chocobo. Be aware that you cannot learn Trine in the Gold Saucer Battle Arena, even though you can encounter a Stilva there.

Enemy Skill List

Most Useful Enemy Skills

As you can maybe see from above, there is a strong tendency for Enemy Skills to be overpowered when compared to "standard" Magic spells from (green) Magic Materia.



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