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Final Fantasy VII Beating Ultimate Weapon, Emerald Weapon & Ruby Weapon

It is possible to fight Ultimate Weapon near the end of Part 2/Disc 2 or in Part 3/Disc 3.

You can fight Emerald Weapon underwater from any point of the game onwards after you have obtained a submarine in Part 2/Disc 2 of FFVII.

You can fight Ruby Weapon in the desert near Gold Saucer after you have fully defeated Ultimate Weapon.

Ultimate Weapon Tips

Ultimate Weapon will appear hovering above a newly created water terrain near Junon. Fly at him with the airship, and a battle will be initiated. After winning this fight, you must chase him and ram him over and over again with the Highwind, until he comes to rest and you can fight him again. After defeating him several times, he will hover near Cosmo Canyon. Defeat him here and he will be completely finished off, leaving you significant amounts of EXP and AP, as well as Cloud's ultimate weapon, Ultima Weapon.

The fights against Ultimate Weapon are relatively easy. You can breeze them simply by having powerful Materia such as Double Cut, Quadra Magic, HP Plus etc.

It is highly advisable to Steal each time you face Ultimate Weapon. You can obtain powerful Circlet and Reflect Ring accessories.

There is more than one technique for defeating Emerald and/or Ruby Weapon.

Emerald Weapon Tips

If possible, turn on God Mode (press R3).

Useful Materia: W-Item, Double Cut, Knights of (the) Round, Final Attack, other powerful Materia.

An effective technique is to attack (ideally with Knights of Round or 4x-Cut) with one turn, use a Megalixir next turn, then attack, then use another Megalixir, then attack, then use another Megalixir, etc. etc.

You can create Megalixirs with the W-Item cheat.

As a "safety measure", you can equip Revive-Final Attack or Phoenix-Final Attack Materia; this allows you to auto-Revive upon KO.

HP Plus Materia can also be useful...

To remove the 20 minute time limit when battling Emerald Weapon, equip an "Underwater" Materia. You will need to get a "Guide Book" Item (Morph a Ghost Ship either in the Underwater Reactor, Junon; or in the Battle Square), then swap the Guide Book in Kalm with a man upstairs in one of the houses.

Ruby Weapon Tips

It is advisable to deliberately enter the battle against Ruby Weapon with only Cloud alive. If not, Ruby Weapon will remove 2 of your party members near the start of the battle with a quicksand type attack. By deliberately KOing the other 2 party members, you can ensure you will have Cloud in use for the fight.

Ruby Weapon is quite susceptible to [Stop] status. You can take advantage of this by using Materia which can inflict [Stop], such as Choco-Mog, Hades, Freeze spell on Contain Materia, or the actual Stop spell from Time Materia.

Finally, just use a similar powerful setup as against Emerald Weapon; use Double Cut, Knights of (the) Round, Revive-Final Attack, HP Plus etc. Hero Drink items can also help.


Remember; the "Kalm traveler" (man upstairs in one of the houses in Kalm village) wants the Guide Book, the Earth Harp, and the Desert Rose... he will give you a Master Magic, Master Summon and Master Command Materia in exchange for the Earth Harp (which you can win by defeating Emerald Weapon); and a gold Chocobo in exchange for the Desert Rose (winnable from Ruby Weapon).


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