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Final Fantasy VII Beginners' Guide

Battle Basics

Most battles in FF7 are random. As you explore areas you will be attacked and taken to a battle screen. You can select options from the battle menu. "Attack", "Magic", "Item" and "Limit" are commands that you may be able to use. As you play through the game, new commands will become available. When you win a battle, you gain Experience Points (EXP). When a party member has accumulated enough EXP, they will gain a level. Gaining a level raises that party member’s statistics, such as hit points (HP) and magic points (MP), making them more powerful. If you're finding the game too difficult, it's a good idea to spend some time gaining levels.

A good tactic for this is to fight in an area where the enemies are easy enough that you’re not going to risk a game over, but not so easy that it takes too long to gain levels (as a general rule, tougher enemies give more EXP). It also helps if the area is close to a hotel and shops so you can heal yourself and replenish supplies after a series of battles.


Weapons, armor, and accessories can be found as you play through the game and can be equipped by selecting 'Equip' in the menu system. Weapons and armor can have up to 8 materia slots each. Accessories are wildcard and provide beneficial effects.


Materia lets you use new Magic, Summons, and Commands. Support materia links to Magic, Summon or Command materia for enhanced powers. Independent materia improves your party through passive abilities.


You will earn money after winning battles. In FF7 money is called Gil.

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