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Final Fantasy VII Accessories (Tiered into Categories)

This is a guide to the original Final Fantasy VII.

You will obtain accessories as you play through FFVII. You can equip them to your party members by opening up the menu and selecting "Equip".

Tier D Accessories

Curse Ring

Fury Ring

Tier C Accessories


Silver Glasses

Star Pendant


Protect Vest



Choco Feather

Power Wrist

Fire Ring

Ice Ring

Bolt Ring

Tier B Accessories

White Cape

Fairy Ring

Jem Ring

Safety Bit

Peace Ring

Water Ring

Poison Ring

Cat's Bell


Champion's Belt

Sprint Shoes

Reflect Ring

Protect Ring

Tier A Accessories

Tetra Elemental

Touph Ring (Tough Ring)

Tier S Accessories


Sneak Glove



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